Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Unable are the Loved to die"...

"Unable are the Loved to die. For Love is Immortality"
- Emily Dickinson

As the reality of Vashni's passing continues to sink in, I wanted to thank everyone for their help and support, public and private. Thanks to all who donated in her memory to the Foundation for Women's Cancer and Montgomery Hospice.  I appreciate those who walked/ran in her honor at the 2012 National Race to End Women's Cancer.  Thanks to all who took an interest in this site and in Vashni's journey.  I promise to no longer hijack this blog with my posts and leave it be.  For anyone who is interested/bored/has nothing else to do, I've decided to posts my thoughts here.  Also, one of Vashni's dear friends is setting up a website (currently under construction) to honor her memory.


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